Manufacturing Referral Network

In our networking groups, you will connect with other suppliers who don’t compete with you but go after the same types of companies as you. We help you work together to get referred into these companies.


MRN helps manufacturing salespeople find new business. Network face to face with local, non-competing manufacturing salespeople.

Manufacturing Networking Referral Groups give structure and processes for you to develop referral partners with non-competing manufacturing suppliers. We do that through in-person networking groups where you work with the other members to get in the door at manufacturing companies you want as customers.

Why Join?


Manufacturing Networking Groups

Manufacturing Networking Groups exist to help manufacturing salespeople find new customers. We do that by aligning them with other non-competing salespeople in strategic relationships with the structure and intention to help you find new business.



Our members participate in face-to-face groups and 1 on 1 meetings with other non-competing MFG salespeople to systematically work on developing their business relationships.


Referral Partners

We give members a simple process to develop long-term referral partners. This is done through structured group and individual meetings which strengthen trust and understanding between members.

Who is a Good Fit?

We hand select people who drive business for their company. It's not for everyone. Our networking groups are NOT for Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, Lawyers or B2C Companies.

Small & Midsize Manufacturers

Metal Fabrication • Machining • Thermoforming • Stamping • Plastic Fabrication • Assembly • Control Panels • Specialty Machinery • Coatings • Electrical • Rapid Prototyping

Industrial Distributors

Metals • Equipment • Tooling • Components • Plastics • Supplies • Software • Automation • Material Handling • Packaging • Electronics • Mechanical • Power Transmission • Chemicals • Lube & Oil • Compressed Air

Service Providers

Materials Recycling • Maintenance & Repair • Facility Services • Staffing & Labor • Logistics

Markets We Serve

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our partners trust us


Kurt Radcliffe

Sales Engineer, IFM EFECTOR INC.

“The connections I’ve made through MRN have been key to introducing me to new business opportunities with some of the members becoming actual customers as well!  Members have also filled the role of mentors and subject matter experts helping me to continue bringing value to my customer base.”

Dharmendra Khanolkar

BM & Strategic Advisor, Excista Corp.

“It is a great group of like-minded manufacturing people whose entire focus is to help each other grow their business. The group wants to contribute to each other. They make sure that there are no conflicts of interest between different groups and this leads to a much more open exchange of ideas. ”

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Too reliant on a big customer?


Pipeline empty?


Having trouble getting in the door?


Still selling on price?


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

The real value is in the relationships and the power they bring to your business. MRN members develop Strategic Referral Partnerships with local, non-competing manufacturing suppliers.