Frequently Asked Question

What is MRN?

MRN helps MFG suppliers find and meet new customers by giving them data, a referral process and a team of referral partners made up of local non-competing suppliers.

Why should I join?

If your business is at risk because of too-big customers, turbulent backlog, price pressure or declining sales, you need new customers. MRN can help with that.

AM I a good fit for MRN?


  • I need to grow the business!
  • I am a manufacturing supplier. My customers are OEMs and their suppliers.
  • I sell directly to the manufacturer. (i.e. Not through distribution.)
  • I am actively hunting for new customers. (or I need to be!)
  • I am looking for customer relationships, not just transactions.
  • I think it’s difficult to get in the door of the prospects I’m targeting.
  • There is a lot of opportunity within 100 miles of where I’m located.


  • I sell office supplies, insurance, legal services, banking services or other general business services.
  • I sell through distribution.
  • I’m already talking to all the prospects I can sell to.
  • I sell nationally, prospecting locally isn’t worth my time.
  • Cold calling works great for me.
  • I don’t want to grow the business.

How does MRN work?

  1. Data: Through the MRN App, you have info on all the MFG companies within a 100 mile radius.
  2. Process: We train you on how to develop a referral process that helps you get warm introductions to your prospects.
  3. Referral Partners: You will be placed in a group of local MFG suppliers that we pre-qualify to make sure they don’t compete with you. These Referral Partnerships are the real value of MRN, the deeper the relationship, the better the results!

What next?

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